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Sculping Massage Course in Limassol

21rst & 22ond of April 2018 from 10.00 to 18.00

Tel: 96764120, 96513550 & 25383892

Every person’s dream is to be beautiful. Attractive appearance helps literally in everything: in communication, love and work. In modern world people strive to acquire the perfect figure contours.

There is a huge number of methods, both manual and mechanical, for the correction of separate body parts. But we will not be discussing their advantages and disadvantages in this work. We want to offer you one of the new manual techniques. This technique is one of the sculpturing – massage.

Using this technique, you will be able to decrease the amount of subcutaneous fat or gain muscle tissue, accordingly.

Taking into consideration the physiological peculiarities of human body (e.g. the periods of time when it is easier for us to either lose or gain weight), we can achieve more convincing and longer-lasting results.

A vast number of methods allows for creating endless multitude of their combinations, thus changing the abilities of nervous system to adapt. A masseur’s work stops being mechanical and turns into a creative one.

Using sculpturing massage in beauty practice will attract the new customers as well as expand the range of services for the regular ones, introducing them to the High Culture of Massage.

The method of Sculpturing Massage (patent 2210350) was created and tested in the physiology department of the Research Institute of Physical Culture, in Saint Petersburg, Russia by Andrey Grebennikov.

The sculpturing – massage selectively affects the subcutaneous fat tissue to decrease it and muscles to increase them. This selective treatment, therefore, is effective both in increasing and decreasing where necessary. The methods used involve conventional massaging techniques and their modifications together with the newly developed approaches.

The treatment is absolutely painless.

The result is effective for more than a year if the regular movement regime is followed. The massage also provides a significant reduction in the production of cellulite. Using physical exercises, cremes, gels, seaweed preparations, etc. increases the efficiency of the massage by 30-35%. The method produces splendid results in reshaping the human body which in itself is an advertisement for new clients.

The programme of the workshop for the qualified masseurs


On completion of the seminar students will be able to carry out massage for:

  • local and general decrease of the amount of subcutaneous fat (weight loss)
  • skin regeneration
  • increase of the muscle circumference
  • lifting and smoothing of the skin (anti-cellulite programme)
  • muscle tonus increase and creation of muscular projection (on the example of lifting the buttocks) as well as the increase of muscle strength of certain body parts
  • detoxification of the system
  • relieving the symptoms of climacteric syndrome.


  • Aims of the Verto and Sculpturing massage methods.
  • The results of experimental researches.
  • Contemporary approach and knowledge of the skin structure, subcutaneous fat and musculoskeletal system.
  • Hormonal balance. Moon calendar. Computer program ASTRONICA.
  • Anthropometric measurements (caliper).
  • Age- related changes of the skin, subcutaneous fat and musculoskeletal system.
  • Characteristics of the puerperal period.
  • Menopause, climacteric syndrome.
  • Physiological mechanism of the massage technique.
  • Massage and cellulite. The causes and grades of cellulite.
  • Stretch marks. Preventive care and treatment.
  • Various massage schemes and structures in accordance with the chosen procedure direction.
  • The Massage of Reflexology Zones.
  • Aromatherapy, creams’ and gels’ active components and essential oils selection for increasing the efficiency of various massage procedures (anti-oxidant, skin cleansing, body toning, inducing lipolysis and relieving climacteric syndrome).
  • Usage of retinol, algae, clay, mud, vegetables, fruit, honey, chocolate, peat, grapes and coffee in the Sculpturing and VERTO massage.
  • Individual adjustment of procedures in massage course.
  • The time distribution for individual body parts.
  • The most effective movements when massaging individual body parts.
  • Combination of apparatus massage techniques with manual exposure.
  • Recommendations for diet change or alternations in the physical activity regimen.


  • Identification of the body areas which require correction.
  • Exercises with caliper. Fat rate calculation.
  • Muscle strain and relaxation. Hypertonus, tonus, muscle hypertonus.
  • Patterns used to choose the most effective time for Massage.
  • Main and accessory techniques in Massage.
  • Techniques of the massage procedures.
  • Emphasized impact on skin and subcutaneous fat.
  • Emphasized impact on musculoskeletal system.
  • Selection of reflexogenic zones for conducting the necessary procedures.
  • Development of massage techniques emphasizing the skin and subcutaneous fat areas.
  • Development of massage techniques emphasizing the musculoskeletal system.
  • Strained muscle massage.
  • Power and tonus increase massage.
  • Massage techniques adjustment in accordance with the personal characteristics of the client.
  • Massage of certain body parts.
  • Possible mistakes.
  • Selection of reflexogenic zones for conducting the necessary procedures.
  • Hand, foot and auricle reflexogenic zones massage.
  • Personal technique adjustment.
  • General massage.

At the workshop students study how to feel different tissues (subcutaneous fat, musscels). The video does not give understanding, how to do movements. There is no video of SM massage method in the Internet. Video recording at the workshop is strictly forbidden.

About  Andrey I. Grebennikov:

Andrey I. Grebennikov is Ph.D. of the Sports Physiology Department of St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture. He is a science candidate.

Andrey is the author of the miscellaneous articles on the massage problems published in the scientific and specialized magazines (“Massage”, “Baltikum Kosmetik”, “In Essense”, “Esthéticienne”, “Kosmetik International”, “Kosmetik and Medicine”).

Many times he took part in the biggest national and international congresses and conferences.

Being a member of complex scientific groups, he used to work as a masseur in the representative teams of Soviet Union and Russia as well as a high level football clubs.

Andrey I. Grebennikov is the creator of Sculpturing and Verto massage.

He has successfully conducted a number of workshops and master-classes on the technique of sculpturing and verto massage in Russia, Great Britain, Belgium, Hongkong, Spain, Singapore, Cyprus, Austria, Japan, Denmark, Каzakhstan, USA, Ukraine, Holland, Israel, Italy, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries.



Currently, there have been 245 workshops in 30 countries worldwide. Over 3000 masseurs in the whole world are using this technique in their work.

Licensed Massage instructors

ANDREY GREBENNIKOV (Saint- Petersburg, Russia)

– Theory, practice

JURY GREBENNIKOV (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

– Theory, practice, English translation



Tel: 96764120, 96513550 & 25383892